Blueberry Muffins and a Rant

So, I got a craving for blueberry muffins awhile ago. You know when all of a sudden you feel like you desperately want something, and you want it now, and you don’t care if you had it in the house?

This was one of those cravings. So I searched for a recipe that I could use the frozen blueberries I had on hand. I found this one:

I ignored them and pretty much stirred the heck out of it. They didn’t rise as much. But I still ate ’em. Like four mini ones and two full-sized ones. And my craving was gone.

Also, have you ever wondered what it looks like when you add canola oil to milk? Well, your question is about to be answered!

More of Aine's Blog Pics 003

Cool, huh? And it wasn’t bubbling. The bubbles just sat there. I trying popping a couple with a fork, but they refused to cooperate.

Like the recipe says, you can stir that as much as you want, and you can stir the dry stuff as much as you want, but you don’t want to stir them together a bunch. My muffins weren’t as puffy as the ones in the pictures.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 007

See? Not very puffy. But very good. And not purple. The last time I made muffins with frozen blueberries, they turned this weird blue/purple color that wasn’t very appetizing.

I also took a picture of a full-sized one next to a mini one.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 012

Cute, huh?

These were a great snack/breakfast/snack/movie-watching thingie. I love this recipe. They’re super moist,too.

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed the Girl Scouts trying to sell you cookies every time you walk into Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC, the library, the bank…..everywhere. And, if you know me, you’ve heard my rant.

I used to be a Girl Scout. The first couple of years I was a brownie, I loved cookie sales. You just had to smile at someone and say, “Would you like to buy some cookies?” And look all cute standing there with three other girls. And they would buy three boxes of thin mints and a box of Do-si-dos or Samoas or Tagalongs or whatever, and we would easily make  a hundred dollars each day, and each girl would independently sell almost two hundred boxes, and we would go horseback riding and camping and make a couple of cool crafts later that year.

And then you got older, and you would watch as your cookie sales went down every year. Our first year of a being juniors, we were lucky if we sold ten boxes at each two-hour shift. People would come over and tell you they bought five boxes from the cute brownies over at the bank. The only people we would be able to sell to independently would be our family or friends.  And we would maybe do one big thing a year. And that thing was normally camp.

So now, normally, I buy my cookies from the older girls, because I know they’re having a harder time. I’m disappointed, though. My favorite cookies where All-Abouts, and they’ve been discontinued. Now it’s Thin Mints and Trefoils. What’s your favorite?


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