Ginger Cookies

OK, so a little while ago,a friend of ours had a baby. But, at her baby shower/party thing, instead of presents, people brought her bags of cookies to keep in the freezer. I made ginger molasses cookies. So, I invited my cousin over and we made them.

This is the cousin who just got the puppy, Watson. I’ll post a picture of him soon. As soon as I remember to actually bring the camera over when we see them. He now looks pretty much like a pure-bred black lab puppy (with super long legs!), but sometimes he still does something with his years that reminds me of Border Collie.

But anyways, my cousin (Faith), was in charge of measuring the dry ingredients.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 014

This is the flour and the spices. Both me and Faith just stood over it a minute, just smelling the cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. I want my room to smell like cookie dough all the time. It would be awesome.

Also, by this time, out counter tops were kind of a mess.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 013

Not a major mess, just hinting at the nightmare of scraping the counters with a bench knife later.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 13

Also, see that arrow? Pointing at the gray, sock-like thing on the counter? I thought you should know that is not a sock. That is the thing out peel off of a baking soda counter when you first buy it. Definitely not a sock. I promise.

Okay, I also had Faith pour the molasses, while I stood counting over the mixture, making sure I creamed the butter exactly two minutes.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 016

You know, I know get why people say slow as molasses. That stuff definitely doesn’t gush (Unless, of course, it’s a flood…. look up Boston’s Molasses Flood. It’s really insane).

And so, after a couple of hours of scooping and rolling and waiting to bake, me and Faith had a finished batch of cookies, sent about 3/4s off with Mom, and had the leftovers to eat.

More of Aine's Blog Pics 019

Sorry about the bad photo. Somehow it manages to be fuzzy and sharp at the same time. But the cookies didn’t spread like last time I had used the recipe, and reading through the recipe now I figured out why. We didn’t let the cookies chill in the fridge. Oops.

They still tasted good, even if the bottoms were a little burnt.

Here’s the recipe link:

Let the cookies chill before making them, and they’ll turn out great.


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