My List: Parfait, Ballard, WA

As you might know (if I know you), I have a list of restaurants, bakeries, and cafes that I want to go to. Places that are as close as five minutes away, to as far away as Italy. Yesterday I checked another one off. Parfait in Ballard, WA.

Parfait is an ice cream/frozen yogurt place that I read about in the Seattle Magazine (Here’s the link to the article: They’re known for their macaron ice cream sandwich, and their mellower, more sophisticated flavors than Molly Moon’s (As anyone had her Scout Mint? Crazy good!).

I was very disappointed to find the only flavors of sandwich they had left were Raspberry Ripple (I can not stand raspberries. Unless the flavor is covered by something else. Say, chocolate) and Honey Lavender (So-so about lavender. Smells nicer than it tastes).

Instead I ordered a cone of Brownies ‘n’ Cream.

The ice cream had a nice, creamy flavor, with lot of small, fudgy brownie chunks. Good serving size. The cone was the best part. Completely homemade, more like a krumkake then a cone, but thicker. It didn’t fall apart when I bit it.

My only complaint was the consistency of the ice cream. More icy than creamy, and I love creamy ice cream. However, the chocolate and coffee ice creams were creamier.

They’re also all-organic, all-natural, and local, which makes up for their higher prices. In inside of the shop is modern and slightly chilly. The person who helped me was nice enough, and didn’t glare at me when I asked for a sample (I’m looking at you, Cold Stone!).

The ice cream flavors are good, and I’m going to go back to try their macaron sandwiches, and will be looking for their ice cream trunk in the future. But if you’re craving a creamy, rich ice cream, I’d go to Molly Moon’s or Full Tilt.