Blogs To Checkout Today!

Righty-o, I’m going to make this fast, because I am on the Ipad, and I really hate typing on this thing. But, anyways, I have decided to give you people a list of other foodie blogs I think you should check out.

1. Honestly, if you are a lover of foodie blogs, I would be very surprised off you hadn’t seen this one. Run by Ree Drummond, you might have seen her on her show on Food Network, the Pioneer Woman. She uses lots of butter. Really, I am not kidding. Lots. But that means all her recipes are insanely good.

2. One of her cookbooks was in my Five Cookbooks to Read RIGHT NOW! post. Run by Shauna Sever, she’s the author of Pure Vanilla and Marshmallow Madness! All of her recipes I’ve tried are good, but some of them are a little finicky.

3. This blog is cute. I have no other word to describe it. I’ve also reviewed one of her cookbooks, The Secret Lives of Baked Goods. Most of the recipes are easy and yummy.

4. This is a new find for me. Good recipes and reviews, the only problem are the adds. But if that doesn’t bug you like is does me, this is an awesome blog!

5. I thought I’d make this post about five blogs, and so, this is the final blog. Cute, modern and vintage at the same time. Great recipes. The Fluffy Vanilla Cake is my go-to vanilla cake recipe now. Worth checking out.

So, that’s my list! I hope you like at least one of these blogs.