Super Bowl, Puppies, Cousins, and Macarons!

And that, my friends, explains the Super Bowl in a sentence. At least in my family.

And, compared to some stuff, this is not even that weird.

You know me, and my family, and have heard stories, you know this is nothing. At all.

Anyways, sorry this is so late. I keep meaning to post this….then I don’t. And I watch my one blog-post a week goal go down the drain. I am sorry. I will try to make more stuff.

Also, this does not have any pictures. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of them. I will tell you this. They were in blue and green. Seahawk colors! Go, Hawks! 12th man! Champions! You’ve won!

Now would be a good time to say that I love football, have been a diehard Seahawks fan my whole life. unfortunately, that is not the case. I like the Seahawk’s namesake, sure. Ospreys are awesome! I love raptors.

But, really, I don’t get football. Soccer, a little bit. Football, no. I mean, I enjoy the game when we play it at the Super Bowl party we sometimes go to (A hint, boys do not expect a girl to dive for a football, elbow and knee them out-of-the-way, and run to get a touchdown. You can get an insane amount of points that way. I don’t get how teenage/preteen boys’ brains work. I mean, shouldn’t you not be surprised after the forth time doing it?), but watching it? No, I get bored just thinking about it.

There are two things I like about the super bow. 1. The food. Doritos, skittles, Swedish fish, chili, before mentioned macarons, and rootbeer all made an appearance this year. 2. The commercials. (Who else like the no compromise commercial? The one with the dog? Also, the Oreo one from last year. And the kid in the Darth Vader suit from two years ago.)

But, this year, there was a number three. 3. MY COUSINS JUST GOT THE CUTEST PUPPY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!! His name is Watson. He’s black lab with something else mixed in. I think Border collie. So, while the boys were out yelling at the T.V, me and my cousin were in the kitchen, playing with Watson.

Also, sometimes I sat in the living room and laughed at them while they jumped and screamed as people made touchdowns. It was very entertaining.

Also, since this is a food blog, I should probably add something about the macarons. They were blue and green. They were made from a link I posted a few weeks ago. They…uh…were all eaten.

Yep, that’s it. Can’t wait for next year. Also, I can’t wait until the next Iron Fey book comes out. Major cliff-hanger.

I hate Julie Kagawa right now.


Sighing Off