Macarons……and The Best Buttercream I have ever tasted.

Hello, peoples! Day 2 of blogging. I meant to post this yesterday, but it got kind of late, so I’m squeezing it in before school.

And, yesterday, as well as waiting for my lovely, minty spicedrops to dry out enough to get the gumdrop consistency, I decided to make macarons.

In case you don’t know, macarons are small, brightly colored french confections. They’re two cookie-like almond meringues that have some sort of filling between them. I have fallen in love with these yummy little treats.

But anyways, this is my third time making them…though it’s the second recipe I’ve tried. I first tried the Martha Stewart French Almond Macarons (Linky:, but they got all flat. Still insanely yummy. So I tweaked the recipe and came up with my own ‘Gluten free Almond Meringues’. I know, all meringues are gluten-free, but if you call a recipe gluten-free, people tend to be very impressed.

However, these macarons didn’t work perfectly for me as they did last time. They got all flat.


See how flat they are? And I wouldn’t mind flat, so much, but they were crunchy, too. And hollow.

😦 My macarons are flatsos. That was batch two that went in the oven, though, and I haven’t tried the first batch, and I think they’ll be better.


See? It’s fluffier, and hopefully slightly chewy on the inside. They have feet, too.

In case you were wondering, a ‘foot’, or ‘pied’ on a macaron are those little ruffled things you see around the bottom. They’re the sign of a well-baked macaron, which is why I was surprised they where crunchy and hollow.


I like my feet.

Here’s another picture of rows of filled macarons.Aine's Macaron Pictures 002

You can see there’s a bit of a difference in the buttercream: cookie ratio. I don’t mind.

I got the recipe here:
The buttercream recipe is my own. Although I was a bit sad that they weren’t perfect, the buttercream cheered me right up. Man, is it good.

I’m not a frosting person. At all. Easy on the frosting and pass me some plain cake, guys! But I made this recipe to my tastes, so I think it worked out. I call it The Best Buttercream, or TBB.

This uses what I call the ‘melted butter method’ which I like because it doesn’t coat powered sugar all over the kitchen while you’re trying to cream it into the stupid butter. Take it from someone who has once had to brush powered sugar off the ceiling; this is easier.


4 cups powered sugar

1 stick butter, melted

2 – 4 tablespoons of milk.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In bowl of mixer with paddle attachment, put in powdered sugar and turn on low. While mixer is on, add the melted butter and mix until it appears crumbly. Add the milk one tablespoon at a time until you get the consistency you want. Add the vanilla.

And that’s it! For this recipe, I added 1/4 teaspoon caramel extract from Market Spice, and I’ve used strawberry jam to make strawberry buttercream, too. You could even replace the milk with coffee if you wanted, though I’d do that more to taste.